We are doers.

We imagine. Explore. Create something new.

Founded in 2004, we are one of India's largest online gaming solutions company with customer footprints across the globe, equipped with the competence and expertise to create end-to-end gaming solutions on open source. Our strong presence in Europe, combined with in-depth knowledge of emerging markets and long term foresight have helped us create award-winning gaming solutions, consistently.

Leveraging the talent of over 200 qualified professionals, we are a team that handles every step of the gaming experience - right from idea and structure to design and development.

Though we are a decade old company that has made its mark, we haven't lost what made us who we are. We still have the startup culture that we did 10 years ago. The same passion that fueled our work. The exact drive that made us a pioneer in online gaming.
When online gaming had just entered the scene and begun gaining steam in parts of the world that are the fastest to adapt to new technology, a few gaming veterans in Hyderabad were already toying with new ideas to join the movement. After having our products validated within just a few months of launch, we treaded new paths evolving along the way. We have introduced some of the most successful cross platform games in Europe. From a founding team of 3 in 2004 to a talent powerhouse of over 200 designers, developers, strategists and digital marketers, Innopark has come a long way.

SREERAM REDDY VANGA | Managing Director

A man of remarkable talents, Sree is one of the co-founders and a great motivational force behind the organization. Sree has been a technology leader for over 13 years.

His experience spans gaming systems design and game math, risk management, customer relationship management and operations. He started his career with Party Gaming Plc and has played a key role in managing their initial global brands. Sree is responsible for creating and overseeing innovative ideas in Design, Technology, and Marketing.

SHYAM SUNDER | Vice President (Operations)

Shyam, a veteran in Data and Software Product market space, with around 20 years of strong expertise is a Vice President Operations at Innopark having operations and product management under his umbrella. Shyam's career spans across US, UK and India markets. He is known for his visionary leadership skills. His core expertise includes program management, product life cycle management, account management and development of systems and processes. Shyam is always credited by the clients for his on time and flawless project deliveries.



Smruti brings in more than 18 years of industry experience spanning across Asia, Europe and USA​ and heads Technology at Innopark. He is accredited for his astute ability to build high performing teams to churn world class products.​ He believes in creating long term design thinking that enables building intelligent systems that ensure customer satisfaction.

Smruti is also the Chief Information Security Officer of Innopark. He is associated with introducing technology and engineering innovations in building distributed, multi-staged large scale applications and enable product and process excellence.

TANIA CHAKRABORTY | PR & Communications

Tania has over 8 years of industry experience and heads Corporate Communications at Innopark. Her expertise spans across public relations, branding, internal communications, employee engagement. She has successfully built effective and sustainable communications platform to drive business objectives.

A Post-Graduate in Communications and PR, Tania has extensive experience of working closely with International Media and drive numerous campaigns. Tania works closely with the stakeholders to create effective communication channels for supporting business growth plans.