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All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. This is for members who understand that group sports and fitness should be a fun and challenging. Cricket, volley ball, badminton, foot ball, swimming, table tennis and many other exciting indoor games will be scheduled for our fun. Playing is our passion, winning is our aim, failure is our inspiration, game is the participation. Get Ready!!

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Cricket Match20 FEB 16

The cricket match witnessed a great crowd cheering the spirit of the players. The great show put up by the teams made it worth remembering. It was a much awaited event and the enthusiastic participation from the players made it all the grander.


Annual Day SportsSep-Oct 2015

Witness the display of true sportsman spirit when these sports enthusiasts came together to give in their best. There were numerous leagues starting with Cricket, moving to Pool, Carroms, Chess, Badminton till Volley-ball.

Snooker tournament

Snooker tournament22 Aug 2015

In an awe-inspiring snooker tournament that went on from 15th to 24th June, 16 ardent snooker players battled their way to laudable wins.

Badminton Tournament

Badminton Tournament6 June 2015

A group f 15 gathered at S N Raju Indoor Stadium, Madhura Nagar on 6th June to gear up for fun-filled sessions of badminton tournament.