Spirituality is all about building a quality mindset by aligning core energies towards vital aspects of life by breaking illusions on path of manifestation. Introspect team would look forward to be part of the Innoparkities transformation to become quality minds to lead quality life. The experience of quality life can be achieved with quality thinking and knowing what the core energies are and how to manage them in life. It focuses on how to make one’s life Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Successful. Freedom from perceptional illusion is the ultimate goal to achieve a quality life.

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Alpha Thinking

Alpha Thinking 19 JUNE 2015

Few highlights of the sessions

  • Brain cycles -Alpha, Beta, Delta, Theta
  • Manifestation of human race in groups with similar brain cycle frequencies
  • Different personalities of these people having different brain cycles
  • Principle of quantum physics and it's implication on life
  • Thought manifestation
  • Illusion of the world E=MC(2)-Energy , Light and Mass relation
  • Frequencies and colors, 5 elements and their relation
  • Sound spectrogram and it’s effect on human being
  • Different sounds and its color spectrum brands
  • Earth Grid