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NeW YoU is all about rediscovering yourself to be a new, usb you. It is about fun, grooming, fitness, health and above all an enhanced confidence & self esteem. There will be activities involving make-overs, spa, gym, swimming, style tips, etc. We guarantee each and every one of you a version 2.0 of yourself; which will be sharper, better, and sexier form of you.

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Wonderla_The Wonderful Wonderla11 JUNE 2016

The second Saturday of June 2016 was a day well spent for the Innoparkites! An entire day out at Wonderla – enjoying the thrilling rides, laughter, joy along with their family, friends and colleagues. Now, that was a perfect end to the week for everyone.



Health is Wealth is our motto. We, at Innopark ensure that our employees stay healthy and fit. Keeping our employees' wellness in mind, we conducted a medical camp on 21st Aug 2015 which was a huge success where in a thorough health check up was done by running a battery of tests (Total of 10 tests) A full-fledged doctor consultation helped the employees to keep a check on their health and areas where they should take extra care.

Cycling Event

Cycling Event25 July 2015

After wearing our thinking cap everyday in office it was the time to don a different kind of head gear - A Helmet. The cycling event made us remember our school days when we used to wait for summer vacation to take our cycles out and ride it the entire day. Some fun facts about the event:
Kilometers covered - 10
Calories burned - 900 KCal
Duration - 1.5 hours
After effects of the event - 2 hours of sleep ☺