Founded in 2004, we are one of India's largest online gaming solutions company with customer footprints across the globe, equipped with the competence and expertise to create end-to-end gaming solutions on open source. Our strong presence in Europe, combined with in-depth knowledge of emerging markets and long term foresight have helped us create award-winning gaming solutions, consistently. Leveraging the talent of over 200 qualified professionals, we are a team that handles every step of the gaming experience - right from idea and structure to design and development.


We at Innopark believe that a game is only as good as the idea behind it. That's why we have a team of thinkers dedicated just to conceptualizing, creating and constantly improving our projects to appeal to audiences across the globe. While a highly experienced team of experts work on designing gaming assets to make a game aesthetically complete, the UI/UX designers focus on making the interface engaging and intuitive.

We understand that the difference between a good game and a great one most often lies in the details. Everything we do, right from the story flow and structure to sound and modes of play, is intricately and insightfully planned by multiple departments to ensure a flawless gaming experience.

  • systems design
  • business model design
  • visual systems design
  • usability engineering and design
  • game design strategy

Our core strength lies in technology. While we are passionate about creating world-class products, we also invest in consistently improving them on parameters of flexibility, accessibility, scalability and security. Today, we have grown into a globally recognizable brand by blending our quest for excellence with some of the best-in-class, cutting-edge open source technologies in big data, content management systems, service oriented architecture and distributed systems. We employ agile development methodologies and test driven development to deliver high quality products and stay on the top in a constantly changing industry.

  • system architecture and design
  • service oriented architecture
  • remote infrastructure management
  • database performance engineering
  • e-commerce/payment gateways
  • open source solutions
  • business intelligence
  • platforms(online, mobile, social)

As one of the fastest growing online gaming companies, we have closely monitored the evolution of digital marketing over the last decade. Based on the objective behind every marketing initiative, we create an integrated strategy comprising a healthy mix of tools to reach out to our audience. For us, targeted advertising is key. While we generously invest in SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM and e-mailers to connect with existing and newer audiences every day, we also firmly believe that our customers are our best evangelists. Our innovative customer loyalty programs and VIP privilege strategies form an integral part of marketing.

  • innovation and new concepts
  • digital marketing solutions
  • brand strategy and positioning
  • communication strategies design
  • customer experience optimization
  • web analytics and campaign management
  • social media marketing

Our operations team not just helps customers with issues they might face while gaming but also are data generators that help us create better solutions. Right from a gaming feature that customers might be having a problem with to which of our games they are most excited about - they provide us with the most relevant information needed to improve customer experience. Our expertly trained and highly motivated team operates from Hyderabad to stay connected with customers from across the globe in the form of chat, voice calls and emails. The support team works round-the-clock to usher the players through the entire gaming process - right from registration and signing up to upgrades and rewards.


We consistently retain our players and create new markets through an in-depth knowledge of customer needs, wants and expectations. Every decision we make at Innopark - be it reorganizing our product portfolio, creating a marketing strategy or designing a loyalty program - is backed by real-time data. Our hand picked team of professionals is equipped with the analytical ability and technological prowess to access, aggregate and analyze data to help the decision support system.