We build great games and social platforms that connect people

Some of our main services; Animation, Motion graphics and Interactive Content.

Our Domain Expertise:

- 3D Computer Graphic Imagery - animation

- 3D Virtual Reality

- 2D digital animation


We take ‘skin in the game’ approach by investing significant resources in terms of money, nurturing and leadership. Our premium infrastructure is designed to offer the mind space required for founders and CEOs to focus their energies on the core business. As entrepreneurs having built several businesses ourselves, we understand the ecosystem and support you need.

WHAT TO Expect
  • To list the basics: Investment, Office Space, Mentorship, Strategy, Direction, Execution & Course Correction, Access to Network, Assistance in Talent Acquisition and Leadership.
  • Investment
  • Office space
  • Mentorship
  • Strategy
  • Direction
  • Execution & Course Correction
  • Access to Network
  • Assistance in Talent Acquisition and Leadership.

What differentiates us is we are a team who’ve travelled the path several times over. And from experience we understand what it takes to get there. From best practices to success mantras, playbooks and growth hacks, you also receive a fair share of the top management thinktank. Group companies also leverage insights & experiences from their peers.

If you are ‘Game for Growth’, contact growth@innopark.in